Frequently asked questions

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions relating to vehicle parking in Kuopio along with the answers. If your question is not featured herein, please contact our customer service desk.

What is Kuopion Pysäköinti Oy responsible for?
The company Kuopion Pysäköinti Oy is in charge of comprehensive vehicle parking services in Central Kuopio. Additionally, the company leases out business premises in the Apaja Shopping Centre situated underground, below Kuopio Market Square. The company’s parking services comprise on-street parking, residential and corporate parking and three multi-storey parking garages.

Does Kuopion Pysäköinti Oy issue parking fines?
No. In Kuopio, it is the City of Kuopio parking enforcement function that is in charge of controlling the parking in the city. To talk to their customer service, please call +358 (0)17 185 034. Open Mon-Fri from 9 am to 2 pm.

What do I do if my ticket doesn’t work?
Probably the magnetic stripe on the ticket is damaged. Please contact the customer service desk by pressing the intercom button on the automatic pay station. To avoid having to use tickets when parking, you can download the Moovy app on your phone, register as user and start paying for your parking with it.

Why didn’t I get a receipt?
To get a receipt, press the receipt button on the automatic pay station. If you park your vehicle using the Moovy app, add your e-mail address to the contact details to get the receipts for your parking payments.

Can I drive into the parking garages with a trailer?
No, you can’t. It is not permitted to drive into the parking garages with any kind of trailer. The technology in the parking garages does not support vehicles with trailers.

The parking garages at Kuntolaakso and on Haapaniemenkatu and Maaherrankatu feature parking space-specific electric outlets for powering block heaters of engines. When are those electric outlets in operation and based on what criteria?
They are in operation whenever the outdoor temperature falls below minus 5 degrees Celsius.

In a parking garage, when parking in a space with an electric outlet and powering the engine’s block heater with it, may I operate an interior car warmer? Or may I use a Webasto parking heater there?
No, you may not. Use of interior car warmers or Webasto parking heaters is not allowed in our parking garages.

 How do I get my car out when the parking garage is closed?
Toriparkki is open 24 hours a day, but the overground entrance doors to the stairways for the underground facility are locked from evening until morning. To access Toriparkki to get your car, insert your ticket into the ticket reader. You will find a ticket reader at each of the four overground entrances to the stairways A, D, H and E on the market square. Moovy customers can access Toriparkki by keying in the PIN code available on the app. The parking garage on Maaherrankatu is open 24 hours a day. To access the underground level, insert your ticket into the ticket reader at the stairway’s overground entrance. The parking garage on Haapaniemenkatu is open from 6 am to 10 pm.

What is the maximum height for vehicles in Toriparkki?
The maximum height for vehicles in Toriparkki is two (2) metres.

What payment methods are available in the parking garages and in on-street parking?
The most effortless way to pay for your parking is to use the Moovy app, whereby the parking fees are automatically charged on the payment card added to the system. All the automatic pay stations at our parking garages also accept coins as well as debit/credit cards. When parking on the streets, you can pay for your parking with the smartphone using the Moovy, EasyPark, ParkMan or eParking app or with coins on the parking meters. Some of the on-street parking meters also accept debit cards and credit cards.

To inquire about business premises available in Apaja, who can I contact?
For information on vacant business premises in Apaja, contact Laura Kallio-Kokko, tel. +358 (0)44 718 5124 or e-mail laura.kallio-kokko@kuopionpysakointi.fi