Parking fees


First 20 minutes€1.00
Next 20 minutes€1.00
Next 20 minutes€0,50
Next 30 minutes€1.00
Next 30 minutes€0,50
Lost permit card€16.00
First day (24 hours)€16.00
Each subsequent day€7.00
Weekly parking€35.00
Two-week parking€55.00
Contract parking using Moovy app€95.00
Weekend parking from Fri 4 pm to Sun 6 pm€20.00
Overnight parking on weekdays between 9 pm and 6.59 am
 (+ weekend)

Haapaniemenkatu parking garage

Contract parking using Moovy or EasyPark app€45.00

Maaherrankatu parking garage

First hour€1,50
Next 30 minutes€0,50
First day (24 hours)€12.00
Each subsequent day€5.00
Monthly parking / Below street level *€50.00
Monthly parking / Street level *
* Includes the permit card EUR 5.00
Permit card€5.00
Lost permit card€5.00

Kuntolaakso parking garage

First 30 minutes€0.50
Next 30 minutes€0.50
Next 30 minutes€0.50
Next 30 minutes€0.50
First day (24 hours)€12.00
Each subsequent day€5.00
Contract parking using Moovy app€55/month

Contract parking

Metered parking, per month€95.00
Residential parking, ½ year€90.00
Residential parking, 1 year€160.00
Corporate parking, ½ year€120.00
Corporate parking, 1 year€200.00
Vehicles longer than 5 metres€200.00 / €90.00
Permit change€5.00

Heavy vehicle parking

Parking space with electrical outlet, per month€55.00
Parking space without electrical outlet, per month€40.00
Permit change€5.00
Permit card€5.00