Kuopion Pysäköinti Oy

Smarter Parking

Customer Service

Visiting address: Kauppakatu 45 (Apaja Shopping Centre, 1st underground floor along the corridor for the parking garage)
Tel. +358 (0)44 718 5155. In matters concerning contracts, invoicing and the Moovy app, call +358 (0)44 718 5041.
E-mail: asiakaspalvelu@kuopionpysakointi.fi

Open Mon-Fri 7.30 am to 4.30 pm, Closed Sat-Sun

Contact our customer service desk in matters concerning the following:
• Parking products, parking services
• Contract parking plastic cards, their orders and renewals
• Questions related to the use of automatic pay stations, parking meters and other equipment
• Fault reports (preferably by phone)

In Kuopio, on-street parking is controlled by the City of Kuopio.


Vesa Saramäki

Managing Director (acting)
044 718 5253

Laura Kallio-Kokko

Assistant/Shopping Centre Coordinator
044 718 5124

Sami Ojas

Key Account Manager
044 718 5085

Customer Service

Tuula Parkkinen

Customer Service
044-718 5041
 Contracts, invoicing and mobile payments

Joona Parkkinen

Customer Service

Matti Hyvärinen

Customer Service

Mailing address:

Kauppakatu 45, 70110 Kuopio

Invoicing details:

Kuopion Pysäköinti Oy  (Business ID: 2064442-8)

When sending invoices to Kuopion Pysäköinti Oy, please submit them in electronic format (as e-invoices), if possible:

Invoicing addess: FI1356000520452320
Intermediator: OP (OKOYFIHH)

Invoicing address for paper invoices:

Kuopion Pysäköinti Oy
Kauppakatu 45, 70110 Kuopio