Easy underground parking in Central Kuopio

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Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Toriparkki in downtown Kuopio is easy to reach from National Road 5. There are two entrance ramps on Puijonkatu, one facing north and the other one south, and two similarly arranged exit ramps on Haapaniemenkatu. When you arrive on the ramp, you stop at the ticket dispenser to get a ticket that you validate later. Parking is facilitated by the clear guidance system and the automatic technology that recognises the exiting vehicle’s registration plate number and lifts the boom barrier, provided that the parking fee has been paid. This means that you don’t have to use the validation ticket when driving out. For parkers who use the Moovy service, the boom barrier is automatically raised both when driving in and out, so they don’t have to go to the pay station. Moovy parking is charged directly on the payment card added to the parking service app.

On the K1 level of Toriparkki there are three electric vehicle charging stations, each equipped with two Type 2 sockets serving altogether six parking spaces for simultaneous charging of six electric or hybrid vehicles. Each of these sockets provides a minimum of 22 kW of charging power. The charging stations are conveniently situated near the entrance to the “H” stairway of Apaja Shopping Centre. The company Väre is responsible for the pricing of the electricity used for vehicle charging. In Toriparkki, there are 20 disabled parking spaces in the vicinity of the stairways as well as 13 motorcycle parking spaces.

Toriparkki is equipped with vertical lifting doors that are kept shut during night time. The lifting doors open automatically when a vehicle approaches them. When picking up the vehicle at night, the underground parking garage can be accessed from the marketplace above via any of the four stairways (A, D, E or H) by inserting the validation ticket into the ticket reader at the stairway entrance. Moovy customers use the same readers by keying in the PIN code available in the app.

First 20 minutes€1.00
Next 20 minutes€1.00
Next 20 minutes€0,50
Next 30 minutes€1.00
Next 30 minutes€0.50
Lost permit card€16.00
First day (24 hours)€16.00
Each subsequent day€7.00
Weekly parking€35.00
Two-week parking€55.00
Contract parking using the Moovy app€95.00
Weekend parking from Fri 4 pm to Sun 6 pm€20.00
Overnight parking on weekdays between 9 pm and 6.59 am
(+ weekend)€40.00